Managed document solutions

Thanks to the fall in prices of high speed mobile internet connections and the increase in usage of net enabled smartphones, more and more people nowadays use their mobiles to send documents on their smartphones connected to the WiFi connection of their office, for printing documents through a printer connected to the same WiFi network. Equally people are doing the same for m files and similar document mangement serivces. Apart from this, hundreds of employees of the same office also use one of the several printers to print their documents. Although it is possible for those individuals to control the density of the printing (the amount of ink used to print a specific area), through the print program, is not feasible. Apart from this, one can only use two commands -- draft quality' and image quality' -- for the printout process.

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Nothing in between

Let us assume that the draft' command forces the printer to use 50 of the ink required for printing image' quality, on many occasions one needs to print an image that requires ink density that lies between draft' and image.' In such circumstances, users have no option left apart from compromising with print quality by using the draft' option or waste ink by using the image' option. Printing costs eat up a large percentage of cash as recurring expenses per month, both for medium and large scale businesses. More often than not, one finds more printers than required by an organisation. This adds to the monthly expenses by way of maintenance charges. These businesses can easily cut down their monthly printing costs by hiring the services of a managed print solution company.

Other printing tasks

Apart from the normal in house printing requirements, a business also depends on professional printing companies to print their brochures, annual reports, and other printing jobs that the inkjet or laser printer cannot handle. Adding extra staff for such jobs increases the monthly expenses of the company. This is where the expertise of a managed print solution company comes to the fore. The personnel of that company will assess the number of printers installed in the office and the number of computers attached to them. They will also evaluate the scanners, fax machines, and photocopying machines in the premises and determine whether replacing them with a multifunctional printer can cut down on monthly expenses.

Providing the cheapest alternative

Once the professional has assessed the overall printing requirement of the business, they will submit a report, containing suggestions on how the business can cut down on their printing costs without compromising on time and quality. They will also monitor the printing environment of the organisation and employ ongoing process improvements that will save the time and money of your business. They also provide a host of other services, which includes information technology integration, network management. With them by your side, you can rest assured that they will identify potential problems with printers and solve them. Have you ever faced a problem when your business requires some urgent printouts, only to find that the supply of paper has exhausted. You shall never face such problems with the help of a managed print solution company.